Gift Aid

As a registered charity you will understand the value of reclaiming Gift Aid on donations from your supporters. Provided they are taxpayers, you can increase the value of their donations by 25%, meaning every £10 in donations becomes £12.50 once you have reclaimed the tax. However, did you also know that you can also reclaim Gift Aid tax when you sell goods that have been donated to you?

If you are a charity running a visitor attraction (museum, stately home, garden etc.) you can reclaim Gift Aid on the amount your visitors pay for admission. Gift Aid Recorder helps you handle this so you can increase your income by 25%. There are certain conditions which are explained here.

Gift Aid Recorder, working with Epos Now POS software, makes it easy. Moreover, there is no need for volunteers in your shops who serve your customers to change anything they do.

HMRC set out a series of steps to reclaim tax on goods you have been given for sale. Gift Aid Recorder, together with EPOS Now, takes you through the steps and helps you follow the rules. In particular, it provides:

  • Registration of donors including creation of:
    • a Gift Aid declaration using approved HMRC wording
    • An agency agreement which allows you to sell donated goods on behalf of your donor and reclaim tax when you sell them in your shop.
  • Generation of bar-coded labels that allow you to link the goods with the donor; these labels are fixed to the goods when they are brought in and read by Epos Now when the goods are sold.
  • Creation of a record of sales of gift-aided goods which you can use to monitor the performance of your shops.
  • Generation of letters to donors asking them to confirm that you can retain the proceeds of sale of their goods.
  • Supports generation of data for a claim to be sent to HMRC. This may either be generated directly, or we can link to any software you may have for claiming Gift Aid on other donations.